Startups die due to lack of competitive advantage

Compint delivers weekly updates on what's going on in your market. You will have the insights to create your competitive advantage.

Compint - Competitive Intelligence

Get the data you need

Strategy without intelligence?

Startups need to move fast. Track your competitors automatically.

Website Monitoring

See what they are doing

Receive alerts when they change pricing or update product pages.

Track pricing.
Keep track of competitor pricing and any changes.
Track product releases.
Do not miss anything about their marketing strategy and product releases.
Compare with older versions.
Focus on the big picture by comparing older and newer versions.
Compint - Website Change Monitoring

Advanced Website Monitoring

Still taking screenshots?

Fastest way to see your competitors' website changes and product updates.

Compare easily.
Effortlessly track and analyze website updates.
Preserve history.
Access extensive archives for long-term trend analysis.
Alerts that saves time.
Customize sensitivity and frequency for reliable insights.
Compint - Advanced Website Monitoring

Global View

See where they are operating

Track competitor operations and job market trends worldwide.

Global coverage.
Map out where competitors are expanding and operating.
Market footprints.
Identify which regions competitors are targeting.
Talent tracking.
Observe where competitors are hiring.
Compint - Global View

Trusted by outliers

Compint provides all data you need to beat your competition.

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