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Everything you need most from a competitive intelligence platform: sales battlecards, periodical alerts, proofs and less noise.

Compint - Competitive Intelligence for Large Enterprise

CI at scale

Spending hours on research and distribution?

Compint does all that, automatically.

Feature Matrix

Product benchmarking, super easy

Compare unique and common features across competitors. Track product features of your competitors.

Ensure every product decision is fact-checked and supported by evidence.
More wins.
Give your sales team strong facts that support why you stand out.
Stronger moats.
Build on what makes you better and craft a product that's hard to beat.
Compint - Feature Matrix


Proofs to build credibility

Convince your customers with proofs showing why you are really the best.

Most accurate platform.
The only proof-based competitive intelligence platform.
Save time.
Centralize proof and intelligence, saving hours on research.
Confidence in Sales.
Win more deals with hard evidence.
Compint - Proofs

Sales Battlecards

Sync strategy to win more

Build a single source of truth for sales teams to win more.

Win more.
Create clear, practical tips boost sales revenue.
Centralize intel.
Gather all competitor knowledge in one spot.
Stay up to date.
Battlecards that refresh with the latest information.
Compint - Sales Battlecards

Trusted by outliers

Compint provides all data you need to beat your competition.

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Websites monitored weekly
Keywords tracked weekly
Data analytics makes decision-making faster


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